Just start again

As the year comes to a close, many people’s minds turn to changes they want to make. Even those who shy away from “resolutions” often will set an intention to change or work on something. I recently made some big changes in my life, and I’ve been talking to a lot of people working onContinue reading “Just start again”

What seeds will you water today?

I recently saw the following meme on Facebook. I sure wish I could credit the author, because they are a genius. I’ve been paying a lot of attention to how Facebook affects me lately, and I’ve decided to turn it off (for now). I predict I’ll get a lot more books read and I’ll payContinue reading “What seeds will you water today?”

Everything is hard before it is easy

Beginning and maintaining a meditation practice, like establishing any other habit, can be challenging. It seems like it should be easy to choose to do something that we know is good for us, but anyone who has tried to quit smoking, give up sugar, or start an exercise program knows that it isn’t. But whyContinue reading “Everything is hard before it is easy”

A calm mind creates no suffering

(This post originally appeared on another Web site of mine). Last year I attended a long (very long) silent meditation retreat. When I told people I was going to meditate for 10 days, I got one of two reactions. 1: “Wow! That sounds amazing and relaxing!” 2: “That sounds like torture.” Funny how the sameContinue reading “A calm mind creates no suffering”

My mind won’t be quiet

When we first learn to meditate, there are many obstacles we need to overcome. The first, I find, is the title of this post. We get stuck fighting with our mind to get it to shut up. Because that’s what meditation is, right? A quiet, serene mind? Well…not exactly. We think the steps of meditationContinue reading “My mind won’t be quiet”

So you want to be a meditator?

You can hardly open a magazine or self-help Web site these days without seeing an article telling you to meditate or learn to be more mindful. Many people have added meditation to their mental list of things they should be doing to be happy and be better at everything. Exercise, eat right and meditate –Continue reading “So you want to be a meditator?”